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Encore Trax Master Leasing

Encore Trax soundtracks are available for you to lease and use a copy of our digital masters in a professional recording studio of  your choice anywhere in the world to add your voice(s) and to produce cassette or CD final product for sale.  The Master lease rates are a one-time payment for use on one recording project.  You can reproduce as many cassettes or CD's with your voice added to ONE PROJECT without further payment to Encore Trax.  These lease rates are for the use of the actual soundtrack.  Any mechanical song royalties due the publishers of the songs for your recording are your total responsibility and are not part of the lease payment to Encore Trax for leasing the track.  The usual song mechanical royalties are approximately 8 cents per cassette or CD to be paid to the publisher of the song used.  

Click here to read additional do's and don'ts FAQ about recording with tracks.

Encore Trax can be leased for use in custom or major record label distribution and the rates are the same. 

Fill out ONLINE our Encore Trax lease contract for recording.

Encore Trax Master Lease Rates:

Prices shown are your costs each based on total songs ordered at one time.

Qty 1=$145 Qty 2=$140 Qty 3=$135 Qty 4=$130 Qty 5=$125

Qty 6=$120 Qty 7=$115 Qty 8=$110 Qty 9=$105   Qty 10+=$100

These prices do not include the actual performance cassettes/CD's.

Leased Soundtracks can be provided on CD or for Internet Download.

DAT copies are no longer available.  

Soundtrack leasing orders are plus shipping and handling charges**.

Leased track cannot be shipped US Mail. 

For UPS Ground (USA) **ADD $10.00 per order.  

For UPS Blue 2-day (USA) **ADD $16.00 per order.  

For UPS RED Priority overnight (USA) **ADD $23.75 per order.   

For FedEx Priority Overnight (USA) **ADD $27.75 per order.  

These shipping prices are for delivery within the Continental USA.  

Call or email for a quote on other shipping destinations.

Oklahoma Sales Taxes will be added for shipments to Oklahoma addresses. 

We accept Visa and Master Card for payment.

Call (405) 610-7455 or email for other information.


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