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(Price List Effective 01/01/2005) 



Individual MyMix14 headphone control boxes. $ 600.00
Sennheiser over the head Open Air headphones ( per pair). 

Shure E1 in-ear phones (per pair) 

Shure E5 2-way in-ear phones ( per pair).    

Sony Ear Buds





DB-25 serial twisted pair jumper cables 15 One required per MyMix box 20.00
BSI Custom master regulated power supply One required per system
     Can power up to 12 MyMix14 boxes   
BSI Custom I/O gender conversion DB25 to audio interface box
     One required per system  
Line snake cable console to stage area.       1.65/ft
DB25 termination connector for console to stage cable
      Requires one at for gender box and XLR's or 1/4" TRS for FOH console depending on your console make and model
DB25 mult break-out box features 1 input and 5 outputs
     Allows splitting of MyMix signals to different sides of the stage. 
Only needed if there are to be MyMix users located on both stage sides.
RLD 3 x 1 line level signal combiner with cable assembly
     Allows combining 1 to 3 direct outs into one MyMix send
Sescom IL-19 ground isolation/balancing transformers                                  (one per channel needed to isolate stage boxes from FOH mixer) 40.00

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The MyMix series of headphone monitoring systems are designed and built by Benson Sound, Inc.


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